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Smart Housing

Self-Learning Adaptive Smart Home Framework using IoT and BigData PDF

Appropriating Intelligent Buildings PDF

Social Impacts of the Digital Revolution on Housing PDF

Smart Housing: A Critical Historical Review PDF

Towards Environment-friendly Intelligent Buildings PDF

Smart to Smarter: History and Future of Smart Home Systems PDF

Robotics’ Potentials for Tall Buildings PDF

Building Construction

Low-cost Roof Solution for Self-Building: A Proposal for "Build-Your-Home" Project PDF

Sustainability and Appropriate Building Technology PDF

Contemporary Saudi Housing Construction PDF

Finishing Techniques for Low-Cost Housing PDF

Economical perspective for Construction Technologies of Low-income Housing PDF

Precast Stairs for Self-help Housing PDF

Reuse of Demolished Building's Debris in Post-war Construction PDF

Building Technology in the Holy Quraan PDF

Design & Management

Improvement of Home Design PDF

Criteria of Coloring Facades PDF

Changes of Housing Facades PDF

Housing Strategy of the Urban Poor PDF

Affordable Housing Through Social Marketing PDF

Charity Housing: The Case of Habitat for Humanity PDF

Architectural & Urban Heritage: A critique of the development of the Mohamed Ali Boulevard in Ismailia, Egypt. نقد لتجربة الإسماعيلية فى تطوير بوليفار محمد على PDF


Building Technology for Affordable Housing: Lower Cost Construction Alternatives

By Khaled Nabil, 2018. ISBN 978-977-90-5636-4
تكنولوجيا بناء المسكن الميسر: بدائل تشييد أقل تكلفة   PDF

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